What is OIS in Mobile Camera ?

 OIS which full form is Optical Image Stabilization, what does it mean?

 basically when you take photos or videos your hand is not stable at all time, Right 


If you are taking photos at the night the image sensor is open more time as it required in the daytime at the moment if you not sable your hand probably get this type of image 👇

By looking at the image you get the idea that OIS helps us to.

It only helps us to retain the image stable and in focus that's all.

Hope you guys able to understand that OIS used to stabilize the image and give you an output of clear and focus image as an output?

Some other questions that might you have -

1.Which mobile comes with ois technology for the very first time?

A- Nokia Lumia 920 Launched in Dec 2012

2. Why OIS use for?

A- It is used for best low light photo and smooth video recording (Stabilize). 



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