How Smartphones Leak??? Shocking Real Reason Explained

Today's generation is the smartphone generation and everyone is excited to know about what the popular brands do next with their product means that what is the next product of Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Apple, etc.

keep calm because I will explain the real reason for why the licks came out the most shocking reason behind it.

If I talk honestly there are multiple factors and many reasons. this is not only on smartphones but also in other machines like bikes, cars, etc.

1st reason will be the brand did their work by many employees so the chances get to increase that the leak is there because many emplyoee include in the secret work perhaps the company sign NDA(Non-Discloser Form) from employees but same ignorance is there.

Another thing is that if employees are honest but there a thair is a third person is responsible for the mistake in the manufacturing chain.

we find in the past that there is mistake or we can say mistakenly product leak done by employees.

Did You know? 

One Apple employee of Apple mistakenly reviled their product when it is testing when he forgot it in a bar.

Likely Google product Pixel 3 xl left by an employee in a car .

Their is also a factor that the product means the  phone when made by a company they make some reviled to there partner to make associates somehow we see many cases that the schematics are by chance get leak.

Another way is that whether you accept it or not some time brand themself leak their product for publicity stunt by tech YouTuber or website of tech or by the influencer to make noise for there creation

This statement is quite controversial but it's actualy true because the brand needs the hipe,

at time brand leak there own stuff because they want the piece of bus because they want to know what they next do know to their audience.

Some time tech reviewers also leak the thing which is is a part of the product chain and some time banner and other part of chain leak it.

we never know who leak it but I tell you multiple factors of  how smartphones leak.


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